October Photo Album Fife

Photo album taken by family and friends staying at our Holiday Cottages in Fife October 2012. Views include Largo beach and cottages, Crail and the area around the harbour and places in East Fife.

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castaway at dawn.JPG

cottage crail.JPG

cottage fife.JPG

crail boats.JPG

crail cottages.JPG

crail harbour boats.JPG

crail harbour.JPG


crusoe statue largo fife.JPG

dog fun fife.JPG

dog fun fife_2.JPG

dog fun fife_3.JPG

dog fun fife_4.JPG

dog fun fife_5.JPG

dog on beach fife.JPG

dormer window fife cottage.JPG

dried flowers.JPG

dried flowers2.JPG

driftwood fife.JPG

driftwood_ fife.JPG

driftwood_3 fife.JPG

east fife waves.JPG

east fife.JPG

esat fife beach dwan.JPG

evening seascape fife.JPG

fife beach at dawn.JPG

fife dug looks over the wall.JPG

fife harbour cottages.JPG

fife harbour.JPG

fife roofs.JPG

fife sand.JPG

fife sea and sky.JPG

fife seashells.JPG

fife sundial.JPG

fife sundial_2.JPG

fife sunrise.JPG

fife sunset bass rock.JPG

fife sunset beach.JPG

fife sunset clouds.JPG

fife sunset Firth forth.JPG

fife sunset.JPG

fife sunset_1.JPG

fife sunset_2.JPG

fife sunset_3.JPG

fife sunset_4.JPG

fife sunsky.JPG

flowers in sand.JPG

garden gate largo fife.JPG

iron work_1.JPG

largo beach.JPG

largo beach_2.JPG

largo sands.JPG

largo sands_2.JPG

largo sands_3.JPG

lobster cottage crail.JPG

main street largo.JPG


rusty iron work.JPG

rusty ironwork.JPG

sand and waves.JPG

sand and waves_2.JPG


statue in Laego.JPG

wee dug.JPG

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