Lindores Abbey Fife

Lindores Abbey located on the outskirts of Newburgh on Abbey Road North of the Village of Lindores in Fife. Founded in 1191 by the Earl of Huntingdon. The abbey was sacked in 1543 and by John Knox in 1559. In time the Abbey was quarried as a source of stone for buildings in Newburgh. All that remains is the Norman style entrance arch leading into the monastic enclosure and parts of the chancel walls and western tower of the church building. One of the most important events in history to happen here was the meeting 1n 1306 of Gilbert Hay of Errol, Sir Neil Campbell and Sir Alexander Seton before the High Alter when they vowed to defend the King Robert Bruce and his Crown. The earliest record of Scotch whiskey was in was in 1494 when King James V1 commissioned the Abbot of Lindores John Cor to produce 580 Kg of Aqua Vitae.







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